My First Blog

Why did I start a blog? Well in short, blame lockdown and boredom. It feels like we have been in lockdown forever and that has had me thinking, what have I done during lockdown? The answer is nothing, which is hardly a surprise.

This is my first blog and I wished I had started before lockdown, because it stops me from getting bored and gets me thinking. I have been running, doing home workouts like most avid gym-goers but not everyday you’re motivated to move which is fine but you always have to remember your ‘why’. My ‘why’ is pure and simple, so I don’t become a couch potato and go insane and in fact try and be as healthy as I can.

Today, 17/11/20 is the day I start blogging, sounds quite weird, does that mean I am a blogger? Who knows? Anyway, I have found writing this blog therapeutic and calming and quite enjoyable to be honest. Which is why I will be doing them regular.

What will I be discussing in my blogs?

It will be varied, my main niche/passion is fitness and sports so will predominantly be about those. However, I will also be writing blogs about my opinions on hot topics in the media such as sustainability, climate change and more. Some times I might just waffle about my day.

If there are any topics you would like me to write about feel free to contact me through my blog page or on instagram.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog and will come back for more!


4 thoughts on “My First Blog

      1. For sure! I just looked too and were from the same place, which is kinda crazy šŸ¤£ Good to see Black Country folk taking on blogging! Keep up the hard work.


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