Sustainable Christmas Gifts For Men!

With Christmas just around the corner and lockdown closing everywhere down. Buying presents is harder than ever, so what a great time for me to share some of my ideas for buying sustainable gifts for men at Christmas. As a bloke myself, I can see how difficult it must be for other people to buy for us. I am so difficult to buy for it’s ridiculous, sometimes it’s probably just easier to give money instead to save the hassle. This is where this blog comes in handy. I will be listing some my favourite gift ideas for men. But not any old gift, they will be sustainable, so everyone benefits.

Jungle Culture sell incredible, safety razors that are unisex, meaning they are suitable for anyone. Every man needs a razor, so why not get one from Jungle Culture. Available in multiple designs and you can buy packs of 10 disposable blades.

One of the most popular presents to get men is a wallet. Wallets to men are like what handbags are to women. They’re essential! This wallet is available in black and brown and is handmade out of premium Portuguese cork. It is eco-friendly, 100% PETA approved vegan and waterproof. Available on Etsy sold by MiriCork. I am actually having one myself for Christmas.

Another great option for men is to buy them CLOTHES! I like receiving clothes as gifts but I am really awkward to buy for because of sizing. 9 times out of 10 the clothes I order online don’t fit. Now you don’t have to buy clothes from highhope, but I recommend them as I have just had clothes off them for Christmas (I had to try them on) and the quality is amazing as it’s organic and each sale enables them to help clear up oceans and plant trees with their partners.

Grooming kits are an amazing gits for men, especially if they are on the hairy side. Friendly turtle offer a grooming set where you can add as many or little to the grooming kit from the list provided. Remember there are other options out there to buy, but have a look at the ingredients, as most aftercare kits have ingredients that aren’t sustainable and aren’t kind for your skin.

“All products in our men’s grooming gift set are hand made in the UK (except for the accessories) with only natural ingredients, there are no nasty toxins or harmful chemicals – just 100% natural, healthy moisturisation and hold. Paraben-free, Palm oil-free, Colourant and Preservative free, Alcohol-free, Formaldehyde free. Tested on students, not animals, all haircare and beard care products in our men’s grooming gift set are manufactured right here in the UK and fully CPSR tested you can be sure you are buying a safe, quality products. We understand that the phrase ‘100% Natural’ can mean many different things, however, with our products containing only raw, unrefined, plant and mineral ingredients we can be sure that regardless of your definition, our entire range can always be considered truly 100% natural”.- Friendly Turtle.

A Water Bottle is a great gift in my opinion, stop the buying of single-use plastic bottles and stay hydrated. DRIP Bottles are thermo eco-friendly bottles that keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I recently brought myself one of these bottles, and I have to say, as bottles go, they’re brilliant. Sleek design, easy to hold and cold drinks. They have only recently been released as well. DRIP also donate £1 for every bottle sold to a partnered charity Fantastic buy!

Have you ever struggled to buy presents for anyone? If so, let me know! If you have any questions about anything I have listed in this blog, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog!


12 thoughts on “Sustainable Christmas Gifts For Men!

  1. Awesome article Zak! Some great suggestions with Christmas approaching quickly. I really like the Drip Bottle & Beard Kit. Beard care is definitely on the rise with Beards being grown everywhere now! Anyone looking to purchase beard products as christmas gifts, feel free to come check out our store. We’re a Beardshop dedicated to helping beardsmen everywhere achieve their #beardgoals.

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