Improve Home Security This Winter

All year round, home Burglaries occur, but there is always a massive spike during the winter months, leading up to Christmas. This is because thieves try to take advantage of home owners having expensive Christmas gifts in their homes. In this blog, I will be listing top tips to keep you and your home safe this winter. Some tips won’t even cost you a penny, where some tips require you opening up that wallet or purse.


Now you don’t have to go crazy and get hundreds of cameras just like the image above (unless you want to) but it is always wise to get a camera for the front and a camera for the rear of the property, and if you have a garage, then get one looking down on there too! There are many different CCTV systems you can purchase, ones that are well priced and ones that are mega expensive. I recently got a Yale All-in-one Home View camera which you simply plug into mains and feed the wire through your window. Most CCTV camera are compatible via mobile devices now so you can download apps where you can view recordings and receive notifications when the motion sensors are triggered. Some also have lights fitted so when the motion sensor is triggered, a bright flood light turns on to scare off any potential thieves.

Outdoor Lights

In my opinion, having an outdoor light that is triggered my movement is essential, especially if you can’t afford CCTV. Having a light at each entry point, gives your home that added protection by illuminating the whole property when movement is detected. You can buy lights that are animal safe, meaning they aren’t triggered if a fox or cat comes within the sensor, which is handy. Thieves like operating in the dark, so having a light beaming down on them, makes them vulnerable and in the spotlight, literally. Which can alert neighbours.

Door Locks

The amount of homeowners that don’t realise how terrible their door locks are, is quite frankly shocking! Especially in new build homes, the property developers fit the cheapest door locks possible and they’re terrible! Having a door lock which is anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pick is crucial to stopping intruders. Some people say, “if they get in, they get in” but if you can help it, you don’t want anyone coming in, in the first place. It is recommended to have a platinum 3-star lock, I have recently changed mine to the one I have linked or you can get one with a thumb turn. Also, if you have patio doors or sliding doors, I recommend changing the door locks too and you can buy locks that attach to the handles. Please measure your lock cylinder first before buying a new door lock as your door will require a certain size. If you are unsure, it may be wise to contact a local locksmith.

Window Locks

Window locks get neglected as people seem to think people can’t climb through a window. Recently, I have seen videos of people using crowbars and ripping open the window and climbing through. So please make sure you have solid windows with working locks, they’re just as important as doors. You can change the actual lock or just simply add a security cable which attaches to the window and frame which stops the window from being pried open fully.

Indoor Lighting

Leaving a light on inside your home helps deter intruders as they think that people are home. Usually it’s advised to keep the hallway light on, so anyone that approaches can see someone is in. Whenever you leave your home when it’s dark, leave your light on and if you can sleep with a light on at night then go to bed with the hallway light on.

Remove and useable objects from outside

OMG! The amount of home owners that leave ladders or bins outside, not realising they are making it easier for thieves to get in your home is crazy! We all know that ladders are used to get up high, so leaving them accessible such as leaving them in your garden is contributing to burglaries. Put them away or lock them up, chained against a wall, anything to stop them being used, you can buy ladder locks. Wheelie bins are being used more and more in house thefts, in many ways. Believe it or not, thieves use them to put stolen goods into and then wheel them away (yeah, how disgusting) They are also used as props to climb over fences or up to windows. Lock them up!!!!! You can purchase bin locks where they can be attached to a solid fence or wall away from windows, stopping them being used for those purposes.

Garden Sheds and Gates

Most home-owners have sheds in their garden or garages. But don’t think about suitable locks for them. 9 times out of 10, thieves gain access to a home via the garden. So let’s change that! Get a weatherproof super-strong long for that gate, get an inside lock for your garage and if need be, get fence spikes to put over the top exposed fence areas that can be climbed over. If you speak to your local Police, some constabularies provide free home security goodies such as fence spikes. It’s worth an ask!

That’s all my top tips for home security, I hope you all found this blog very useful and take note of the tips! If you have any tips yourself, please post them in the comments. Let’s help protect homes!!! Let me know what other blogs you would like to see from me!

Thanks for reading,


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