Sustainable Brands for Black/Green Friday!

It’s that time of year again, Black Friday is here, but this year a lot of brands are renaming it, Green Friday. Reason being, majority of the brands are planting trees for every product sold. For example: I ordered 2 Organic cotton Beanies from High Hope Clothing, therefore planting 2 trees. Some companies like High Hope Clothing send you an email so you can track the progress of those trees being planted. In my instance, I have allowed the planting of 2 mangrove trees and I have signed up to receive updates on those trees as they plant and grow. So, I have listed a lot more brands for you guys to support this Green Friday! Some brands have featured on my previous post ‘Top 5 Eco-Friendly Brands’. Please have a scroll through and have a look at the brands that you like the look of, lets get those trees planted!


Drip Bottles– Use my code ZAK15 for 15% off.





Bazar- Ethical Marketplace



Groundies barefootwear


High Hope Clothing

Do you buy on Green Friday? If so, put in the comments your favourite Green Friday brands, I look forward to seeing your favourites!

Thank you for taking time to browse the list.


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