Stop Being a Yes Person!

Are you a yes person? Do you know what being a yes person means?

In short, a yes person is someone that says yes to everything, to please others and avoid confrontation. Sound familiar? We have all been yes people at some point in our lives, maybe because you couldn’t be bothered with the stress an hassle of saying no or the other person might take it the wrong way. Had a phone call off your boss, asking you to cover someone’s shift? But you were worried you would lost your job if you said no? Yes, that has happened to all of us. At the end of the day, that is your choice and you won’t be punished for saying no.

Now I am not saying everyone should just stop saying yes and I’m not slating or having a dig at them, but I am saying that you should think about what you are saying yes to. It’s good that you are helpful and want to be nice and not hurt other people but there are limits. You have to think about your life and whether the thing you’re saying yes to, is going to negatively or positively affect you. Don’t drop everything to go and do something for someone last minute (there are exceptions of course).

Nobody should be offended if you say no, if they do, that’s their problem. You are allowed to say no!

“When two people always agree, one of them is unnecessary”. — William Wrigley Jr.

A key issue with yes people is, if you had an important decision to make and wanted someone’s help on that decision but you know that there is a high chance you could go bankrupt for example, asking a yes person is the worst thing you could do, because they will just say yes without thinking of any repercussions. Only saying yes to agree with you. Saying yes is just as ok as saying no, as long as you have thought about the pros and cons. Will I have time? Have I got another job to first? Have I promised someone else I would do something at the same time? These are some examples you need to think about before saying yes!

The truth is, if you’ve surrounded yourself with a team of yes-people who always agree with you, you might as well just listen to yourself and stop asking others for their input. Surrounding yourself with yes people, is your own fault. You could have turned them into yes people if you don’t accept criticism well or not made the environment safe to be honest.

Are you a yes person? Or do you know of yes people? What is your experience of them? Let me know in the comments

I hope this has been insightful on the issues with yes people.

Thank you for reading,


9 thoughts on “Stop Being a Yes Person!

  1. I think I’m quite the opposite of this! I always say no 🤣 Or I don’t give an answer. I don’t care about saying no to people if I feel like I have to. I wont just say yes to say yes. But I have been in situations in the past where I’ve felt pressured to say yes. Just more now I don’t let people do that to me!

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  2. This is a good blog post and a good reminder that saying yes all the time is not necessarily good. I find that if you are that person that always says yes, then you are at risk of being taken advantage of. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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