Struggles Of Being A New Blogger!

Welcome back everyone! I thought I would write up on the struggles I am currently facing as a new blogger, and hope to help other new bloggers too, that all bloggers have experienced some of the listed at some point before. I hope you find this useful!

  1. Losing Motivation

It is very easy to lose motivation when you first start as a blogger. From my experience you can get disappointed if you have put time and effort into a good blog post and it doesn’t do very well. You at least expect the post to be reflective of your followers etc. You need to ignore that, the views and followers will come overtime, you can’t expect your posts and following to blow up overnight because it won’t. The key principle is you started blogging because you enjoy it, not to gain thousands of followers and earn lots of money. Once your motive is for those reasons then you won’t get anywhere! You have to love blogging.

  1. Fitting in to the Blogging world

Blogging has been around for a while now, and there are lots of popular bloggers who have put out content that you would like to do. So why would anyone want to follow you? Well, every blogger is different and puts their own twist onto their posts.

The best way to fit in is, follow current bloggers whether they’re big bloggers or perhaps someone at your level. Get chatting and become friends and share ideas with each other!

Make sure you are active and post as often as you can to start with, this helps your blog get recognised. Also, share on social media, I find Instagram to be the best for me as there are lots of bloggers on there. Get following them and share their content, they may repay the favour to you, getting you more followers.

  1. Don’t try and be perfect!

Especially when you are starting out, you want to do everything right. But the problem is, if you aim for too much perfection, you will have a hard time getting things done.

Blogging success is not about being perfect. It is about getting started, learning and getting better. It’s a process like most things in life!

While you want to create awesome content for your audience, 10 finished posts with flaws are taking you that step further to success than one post that is going to be perfect.

Keep in mind that no blogger was born a perfect writer or marketer. Looking back we all think we could have done better with some (or almost all) of our earlier posts.

Plus, the little flaws and rough edges are what makes you you and turns your blog into something personal, engaging and inviting!

  1. Looking desperate

I constantly worry that people think I’m a desperate loser, especially when interacting on Instagram. I’m not one of those to beg for a follow, but I do like to have a good browse around of everyone else’s feeds and like everything.

I also like to comment sometimes, but I get scared people think I’m annoying, especially if it’s a big-time blogger with a huge following. Posting on stories and tagging other bloggers, makes me feel like they hate me and I’m an irritant, it’s normal. They have done it themselves and it’s great to be engaging with other bloggers, get talking to them!

As a newbie you wanna get yourself noticed but still be friendly. IT’S NOT EASY.

  1. Not getting the views

The tension after you hit “post” and worrying that your topic is rubbish. Your views are not what you expected, and you just spent hours refreshing your page hoping that your views suddenly spike. Your mind starts wandering to the worse case scenario.

You just spent hours editing all your pictures that you will be using for posting on Instagram etc, and all you various advertising methods, then the next day or week you check the post and the views are extremely low. This can make you disappointed to the point where you can become depressed. Don’t worry about it, it happens to everyone, all you can do is keep going and stay active, keep posting, talk about things you enjoy and are passionate about. The views and followers will come but it takes time!

Have you had struggles when you first started your blog? What were they? And what tips do you have to get over them?

Thank you for reading, I hope you find this useful and keeps you blogging!


13 thoughts on “Struggles Of Being A New Blogger!

  1. I heard an analogy once and it was about a guy posting a tik Tok and he ‘only’ got 30 views. And someone said to him, imagine you’re sat at home and 30 people walk through the door and come into your room. Those ‘only’ 30 people now doesn’t seem so small does it?!

    And you need to think about blogging the same. There are even newer people than where you are at that would love to get the views you did. I remember hitting my first 100 views a day and I was ecstatic and I still am every time even one person reads my content.

    Success doesn’t happen immediately, and if that was the case it wouldn’t feel as special. 🤗

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  2. Don’t worry, there is no such thing as being annoying by leaving a comment. Regardless of how big a blogger has gotten or how many followers they have, they will always appreciate the feedback. I personally feel really blessed every time someone takes the time out to send a message, comment on a post, hit the like button or share it. Sometimes when people just read the post or see a picture and don’t say anything, the blogger doesn’t know if it’s the right kind of content that people enjoy.
    Good luck on your journey! Came here from Olivia’s review 😉

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      1. I feel your pain. I can totally relate to these struggles especially about tagging other bloggers on social media. I haven’t done that because I worry that I’d be annoying 😅
        I’m glad to know that this is okay and a great way to get engagement with others.
        Thank you for sharing your experience.

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  3. I totally relate to this, sometimes I’m really proud of a post and it just doesn’t get many views which is really disheartning but I’ve learnt that the more consistent you are, the more your hardwork will pay off x

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  4. Like Shelly, I also came from Olivia’s review. I could relate to all of these things in my blogging journey so far. I particularly like your point about not trying to be perfect. I feel it’s more important to be yourself when blogging rather than being perfect and spending too much time perfecting a post!

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  5. Thanks for writing this!! It is really relevant to me and it is hard to be a blogger. You write a post and then it doesn’t do as well as you expect. You spend all this time on blogging and there’s not much to show for it. NO wonder so many people do give up.
    It’s important that we not only keep at it but remember that we are blogging primarily for ourselves. Or we are writing for ourselves. I say that because if you are passionate about what you write then it will show itself in time and more people will notice that
    Blogging is just one of those things that takes a lot of time to build. But it is well worth it in the end.

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