Toxic Side of Fitness ‘Influencers’

I’m sure we all follow several fitness ‘influencers’ on Instagram. Whilst there are many positives of doing so, such as, getting new workout ideas and sometimes scientific information on fat loss etc. There are soooo many reasons why you should reduce the amount you follow or not follow any at all.

Talking Waffle

Firstly, some of them talk absolute waffle. Just because they are qualified PT’s or may not be, there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to training and nutrition. One thing that works for one person, will likely not work for another. For example, there’s a lot of nonsense around ‘fad diets’ such as keto, slimming world and weightwatchers. Now I am not saying do not do these diets because some people need the guidance. But these diets brag that they’re game changers and are the answer to losing fat. They are not! The answer is a CALORIE DEFICIT! Which all diets put you in.

If you provide your body fewer calories than it needs, you put your body into a calorie deficit. Doing so consistently for long periods results in fat loss.

Conversely, you will gain weight if you regularly provide your body more calories than it needs to support these functions. This is called a calorie surplus.

Body Image

Body Image has such an impact on peoples mental health. Recently, fitness ‘influencers’ are jumping on the bandwagon of body image/positivity. Now although this is a good thing, the majority of them have exceptional bodies that everyone wants but are not realistic and some of them are purposely bending into unnatural positions to get ‘rolls’ which is absurd. We have to remember that training and being in the fitness industry is their job so it is possible for them to workout a lot. Do not compare yourself to them! Focus on yourself because at the end of the day, you should only want to change your body for health reasons, not to look good!

False Information

DO THIS TO GET ABS OR LOSE BELLY FAT! NOOOOOOO. Ab exercises are good to build a strong core but they will not give you abs. Abs are made in the kitchen, to get your abs to show you need to lose fat which can be difficult, especially if like me, you store more body fat around your gut area. Being in a calorie deficit will get you closer to having abs, but to be honest having abs do not prove or benefit you. They are just for show! So next time you see a workout that says ‘Do this to get abs’ it’s rubbish.

Don’t compare yourself to them

Don’t think ‘I want a body like them’. Fitness ‘influencers’ post pictures daily of their bodies, mainly for ego reasons or to tackle insecurities by getting loads of likes on their picture. It is not possible for you to get the same body as that person because every person is different, hence why losing fat is different for everyone etc. Instead you should follow that person for inspiration, perhaps they post about consistency and hard work which is required to reach goals. You should be focusing on your own body and not comparing to others as it will affect your motivation and drive to achieve your goal.

If you want legit information and honest, no filtered fitness ‘influencers’ to follow, I highly recommend James Smith PT and Olima Omega.

Have you been guilty of comparing yourself to fitness influencers? Do you find there is a lot of misinformation and rubbish in the fitness industry? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “Toxic Side of Fitness ‘Influencers’

  1. Influencers who promote unhealthy habits and things to do to lose weight should be held responsible if some of their followers develop eating disorders and body dysmorphia. They don’t care about their followers mental wellbeing or health. It makes me sad that these people are allowed to continue to brainwash people into thinking that drinking a special coffee drink everyday will help you to lose weight. Its really toxic.

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  2. 100%. It’s unfortunate that so many people in the gen pop end up struggling with their weight fluctuations due to every fad diet they’re being convinced of on social. It’s sad!
    I love following Jordan Syatt for no BS fitness advice

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  3. It’s TRUE. Some even go so far to sell fake products or online classes in the name of weight loss. They’re true fitness trainers with background even in medicine who’re doing incredible jobs. And I hope like the folks you recommend, they get the deserved recognition.

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