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Surviving your first 5k Run- Tips to get you prepared

It’s coming to the end of the year and the whole New year resolution fad is being talked about. A lot of people tend to set themselves goals to become fit, lost fat etc, in the new year (Lets be honest, the majority quit after a month or two). However, one thing you might want […]

Toxic Side of Fitness ‘Influencers’

I’m sure we all follow several fitness ‘influencers’ on Instagram. Whilst there are many positives of doing so, such as, getting new workout ideas and sometimes scientific information on fat loss etc. There are soooo many reasons why you should reduce the amount you follow or not follow any at all. Talking Waffle Firstly, some […]

Why You Should Look After Your Feet!

It is easy to overlook proper foot care. After all, for most of the year, our feet are hidden from site. But as we start to get some decent weather, they come out of hiding. And we start to notice some imperfections. The fact of the matter is, most of us don’t care for our […]

Struggles Of Being A New Blogger!

Welcome back everyone! I thought I would write up on the struggles I am currently facing as a new blogger, and hope to help other new bloggers too, that all bloggers have experienced some of the listed at some point before. I hope you find this useful! Losing Motivation It is very easy to lose […]


What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion is a manufacturing approach that emphasises making clothes quickly and cheaply, usually in response to the latest popular fashion trend. Fast fashion is known for being cheap, trendy, and is commonly sold in stores online. Companies tend to move manufacturing overseas to poorer countries because they can pay them […]

How To Prepare For Winter Weather in the UK!

1. Get your flu jab     Flu affects people in different ways. If you are healthy you will usually shake it off within a week, but for young children, older people or anyone with chronic health conditions, it can be very serious.  The annual flu vaccination is offered free to people who are most at […]

How To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas!

Environmentalists call Christmas “our worst annual environmental disaster”. In the UK alone, our nationwide Christmas dinners have carbon emissions equivalent to 150 million miles worth of carbon emissions. We get through 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging. For every 1kg of Christmas gift wrap, 3.5kg of CO₂ is emitted and we throw away 108 million rolls […]

Sustainable Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £20

Welcome back! Secret Santa has long been a trend between colleagues at work or between a group of friends. Anyone can do it. Normally there is a budget limit of £10 or £15, so I have compiled a list of some good secret Santa gifts suitable for anyone within £15. I have linked each idea […]

Must Have Snacks for Christmas!

Hello everyone, I hope your December has got off to a great start considering the circumstances. Today’s blog will be all things Christmas snacks, but most of all, my favourite go to Christmas snacks that my family and I have every year. I hope you enjoy the blog and check out some of my favourite […]

Stop Being a Yes Person!

Are you a yes person? Do you know what being a yes person means? In short, a yes person is someone that says yes to everything, to please others and avoid confrontation. Sound familiar? We have all been yes people at some point in our lives, maybe because you couldn’t be bothered with the stress […]


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